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We are a group of international scale modelling enthusiasts. We are professionals experieced in design, concept visulization, engineering, sculpting and production.

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Our comany was born in probably the worst of modern times. Our goal is to bring about some joy and hope to human kind through the art of model making. Through our scale models, we hope we can assist everyone to recover form any difficulties ahead.

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We take pride in our unique products. They are developed will all our hear and soul. They are manufactured in the best quality we can provide. Oue product development is long term. We have a long line of different products planned and many are in different stages of development. We will keep on creating and will not stop creating unless our creativity dries up.

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We appreciate customers browsing and purchasing our products. We welcome any ideas and recommendations form our customers. Afterall, model making is not a closed hobby. Through sharing and constructive exchanges, we can better our products and provide better enjoyment for our customers.

Overlord Miniatures 

Email: info@overlordminiatures.com

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